Dublin, Ireland

From Cincinnati to Chicago then Chicago to Dublin, a full day had expired by the time I arrived in Ireland. My friend Karen and I spent two days in Dublin acclimating to climate and time change, which turned out to be a great idea because our first day was spent walking through diagonal rain with intense wind nearly blowing our umbrellas inside-out. The rain continued through the second day, but by then we’d grown used to trekking around the soggy city.

Due to the weather, there are far less photos of Dublin than I’d have liked. Sadly, there are no photos at all of Old Library at Trinity College, or of the Book of Kells (no photography permitted – even though I did catch some tourists snapping photos in the library.) Let me reassure you, both were magnificent.

Places we saw in Dublin that I would highly recommend: St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Gogarty’s Pub, Trinity College’s Old Library, Book of Kells. The Dublin castle was full of history but looked far more modern than I anticipated. The government continues to use the castle today, which accounts for much of the modern furniture seen inside.