Doolin, Ireland

Two of our last three nights were spent in Doolin, County Clare. We were reaching the end of our trip and getting pretty tired of being on the road. Doolin felt pretty off the path of all the heavy tourist traffic. It was quiet and peaceful and a good place to relax.

Since the day I arrived in Dublin, I knew that of all the places in the Republic of Ireland, I wanted to visit the Cliffs of Moher. Aside from that, we weren’t sure what else to visit, so we took the recommendation of some older Irish ladies and went to visit Aillwee Caves.

Aillwee Caves were neat, but nothing I really couldn’t have seen dozens of places in the U.S. One thing the cave had that the caves here typically don’t, were bear remains dating back thousands of years. The Farm Shop there also has delicious fresh cheeses and fudge made onsite.

Most of the west coast is pretty quiet in early May, including Ballyvaughan, but we walked around a bit anyway. The weather was cold and misty when we reached the Cliffs of Moher, but it was by far one of the most spectacular views I had seen in Ireland. Be prepared for a lot of steps, by the way.

While most of the park at the Cliffs is very safe, there’s a wall that everyone crosses over to walk along the edges. There’s a sign warning to not cross, and a memorial plaque for those who have lost their lives either slipping or being blown off the edge. Take extreme care if you decide to cross that wall to the dangerously windy ledge. I ended up not going very far, just far enough to be daring.

After Doolin, we made our way back to Dublin. The drive didn’t take long, and it was a little sad dropping off the Micra before heading going to the hotel. All in all, the trip to Ireland was wonderful. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.